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Welcome To Mindgrownix Foundation

Mindgrownix Foundation, professionally managed progressive organisation in the field of education in India, aims to identify, encourage and promote students with a creative bent of mind and affinity towards the disciplines of Computer, Maths, Science, English and General Knowledge. It aims to nurture, & enhance the latent genius in students, through tests & competitive exams of exemplary global quality and standard. Mindgrownix Foundation aims to create an army of global learners who challenge the boundaries of existing educational structure & emerge as international olympiad champions.

Quality of Olympiads

Quality of Olympiads

The Mindgrownix Foundation are prepared by highly qualified group of educators who have a global experience of assessment and evaluation. We ensure that the quality of questions and the content is cross verified at many levels before it reaches the school and students.

Study Meterial

Focused Study Meterial

We believe in learning concepts before jumping to assessments. We provide exhaustive study material for Olympiad Exams preperation with rich visuals covering entire syllabus of Olympiads. These books have all the content required for Olympiads and future competitive examinations.

Report & Analysis

Performance Reports

All the participants are issued a performance analysis report with the simplified graphical analysis through which the students may pin point their strength and weak points. The students get to know their School Level, State Level, Zonal Level & National Level ranking.

Awards & Prizes


Each winner of olympiad examination will be entitled to one award for an exam. The other prizes inlude Branded Tablets, Wrist Watches, Cash Prizes etc, The Students are awarded for their performance at the School, State, Zonal, National and International level.

Future Talent Pool

Olympiad exams help to identify young geniuses. It brings out the best in students. There are various exams conducted on various subjects like Science, Mathematics, English, General Knowledge and Computers that help students to solve complex problems in no time.


Provides a big platform

Olympiads, as conducted by various foundations like the Science Olympiad Foundation, National Olympiad foundation, etc. provide a big platform where even primary level students can showcase their talent at state, national and international levels.


Build confidence in the student

Olympiads motivate students to aspire and strive for better and emerge out to be the best. A student holding a rank in an Olympiad develops a sense of confidence.


Gain additional knowledge

Olympiad exam gives a chance to students to sharpen their skills. They tackle a number of problems at a level they are not likely to encounter in their classrooms. Students gain additional knowledge and get an early exposure to competition and learning.


Improves reasoning ability

These exams help students to cultivate analytical thinking which is useful in any examination. Olympiads not only improve the logical thinking and help in brainstorming. enhance the analytical and reasoning ability, problem-solving skills, and confidence.


Improvement in class results

Olympiad exam helps in improving student routine class result. Olympiads improve their conceptual understanding and enables students to grasp tricky concepts.


Mindgrownix Olympiad Examination

Mindgrownix Foundation is a leading Olympiad organization in India that conduct Olympiads. Olympiad exams that follows the academic subjects which includes the topics adhere to the school board syllabus. Students are given a platform to showcase their ability of learning and increases potential in performing efficiently in their preferred subject and earn scholarships. Olympiads in India are of a great help in the preparing students mentally to take up the challenges and promote the learning skills in the subjects the student wants to excel in.


National Cyber Olympiad

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National Science Olympiad

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National Mathematics Olympiad

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National English Olympiad

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National GK Olympiad

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National Talent Search Olympiad

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Let’s Have Some Fun
Class Toppers

We Offer Workshops & Seminars

Mindgrownix Foundation is always inclined and directed towards fabricating the holistic development of the teachers through various workshops in and out of the school. The workshops aim to churn out and refine their learning and teaching abilities in an unprecedented way. These workshops take both academics and recreation into consideration which eventually act as the edifice of empowered learning and teaching.

Teachers & Students Workshop

The workshop is geared at providing students with psychologically relevant tips and tricks to improve their concentration and to get them to attend to anything from studies to hobbies, better.

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Cyber Security & Technology

This Workshop is designed to give a motivation to promote Cyber Security, Cryptography, Digital Money, Secure Protocols, Monitoring Potential Threats and Attacks and implementing Security solutions.

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Science & Technology Workshop

Mindgrownix Foundation offers fun and interactive secondary school science workshops and shows. We strive to encourage the development of scientific attitudes, experimental skills and investigations.

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Entrepreneur & Startup Workshop

We offer transformational workshops designed to inspire young people to become innovative change makers. The Startup Experience introduces you to the entrepreneurial mindset and provides hands-on training in high impact entrepreneurship.

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Vedic Mathematics Workshop

The Vedic maths workshops are conducted in schools where presentations are given with numerous examples to ensure enhanced understanding for children. The interactive sessions during the workshop helps in their mental exercise,

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Abacus Awareness Workshop

The Abacus workshop is aimed to help kids in enhancing concentration, memory, speed, accuracy, Visualization, decision making, strategical thinking, and brain development. Our program is designed by experts in the field of child education,

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Our students who registered with Olympiad Success have shown remarkable progress in their performance in various Olympiads. Indeed, the sample worksheets and the variety of questions in these worksheets have given all the students an unprecedented edge.

Mrs:   Sangita Malhotra

It is an excellent platform for the learners to evaluate their performance and analyze the areas they need to work upon.

Mrs.   Anita Goshwami

Awards & Functions