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We offer educative workshops for children, parents and teachers. Children’s workshops target different dimensions of the child’s personality. which are essential for global development. Some of these include persona build-up, gender education, stress free living, study skills and spiritual growth. They build upon the children’s strengths by enabling them to open up to others easily and express their views, help them set positive impressions on their peers, allow sharing of ideas, and add to their own confidence. Sessions for parents enhance parenting skills while those for teachers target optimal teacher-student relationships and ways for teachers to deal with children better.

Students Workshop

We at Smart Wonders regularly arrange student workshops in various fields to impart practical approach and experiential learning in our students, This Workshop is designed to assist students in better career decision making by identifying their potential.

  • Make students into career aspirants.
  • Make career aspirants to understand their Interest, Aptitude, and Potential.
  • Help career aspirants to understand the world of the work (Job Market).
  • Assist career aspirants to develop career alternatives based on their potential.
  • Assist career aspirants in career preparation and development.

Benefit for Schools from the program

Effective stream/subject selection at class 11th level

Placement of class 12th students in top colleges across the globe

Better engagement with Alumni & track their progress

Teacher Training Workshops in Education

Training and Development is a routine for our teachers and non- teaching staff. This allows our academic staff to stayupdated and aware about ever changing situations with students. this workshop series are designed to stimulate innovation in teaching and learning approaches. We work with educators to facilitate unlearning and relearning appropriate pedagogical skills in the exceedingly volatile 21st Century classrooms.

  • Learn research-based strategic learning and teaching practices.
  • Practice practical classroom strategies you can use in your classroom tomorrow.
  • Understand why many students act as they do when faced with difficult college courses.
  • Explore classroom issues that impede student success and learn how to deal with them.

Professional Development Workshops

The Science of Learning

Learning is a complex process. Effective teaching may not always necessarily lead to effective human learning.

Differentiated Instruction

Effective educators know that they cannot use a “one-size-fits-all” approach to teaching and assessing students.

Making Thinking Visible

How does educators know what their learners are thinking? If only they could find ways to determine that, they would be able to address misconceptions and make learning more effective.

Assessment Practices for Constructing Learning

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Effective Lession Planning For Active Learning

Through this workshop, educators will explore the key ingredients of an effective lesson for active learning. They develop a deeper understanding of what active learning is and how to promote active learning in the classroom.

Making Mathematics Learning Meaningful

Through this workshop, educators will explore the fundamental role of mindsets in learning mathematics, differentiate between conceptual and procedural approaches and learn to creatively design activities that combine the two.

Certification Policy

  • Certificate of Merit for all the workshop participants from Technex, Mindgrownix Foundation
  • At the end of this workshop, a small competition will be organized among the participating students and winners will be awarded with Mindgrownix Foundation.
  • Certificate of Coordination for the coordinators of the school workshops from Mindgrownix Foundation.
  • Eligibility: It's a basic level workshop so there are no prerequisites. Workshop is best suited for teachers and V to XII Standard Students.

We Offer Workshops & Seminars

Mindgrownix Foundation is always inclined and directed towards fabricating the holistic development of the teachers through various workshops in and out of the school. The workshops aim to churn out and refine their learning and teaching abilities in an unprecedented way. These workshops take both academics and recreation into consideration which eventually act as the edifice of empowered learning and teaching.

Teachers & Students Workshop

The workshop is geared at providing students with psychologically relevant tips and tricks to improve their concentration and to get them to attend to anything from studies to hobbies, better.

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Cyber Security & Technology

This Workshop is designed to give a motivation to promote Cyber Security, Cryptography, Digital Money, Secure Protocols, Monitoring Potential Threats and Attacks and implementing Security solutions.

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Science & Technology Workshop

Mindgrownix Foundation offers fun and interactive secondary school science workshops and shows. We strive to encourage the development of scientific attitudes, experimental skills and investigations.

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Entrepreneur & Startup Workshop

We offer transformational workshops designed to inspire young people to become innovative change makers. The Startup Experience introduces you to the entrepreneurial mindset and provides hands-on training in high impact entrepreneurship.

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Vedic Mathematics Workshop

The Vedic maths workshops are conducted in schools where presentations are given with numerous examples to ensure enhanced understanding for children. The interactive sessions during the workshop helps in their mental exercise,

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Abacus Awareness Workshop

The Abacus workshop is aimed to help kids in enhancing concentration, memory, speed, accuracy, Visualization, decision making, strategical thinking, and brain development. Our program is designed by experts in the field of child education,

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